A Cut Above

Tailored Grooming performed Professionally and with Hospitality!


A Cut Above Est. 2000

It was a vision of A Cut Above Est. 2000, Founder Kino M Lilly Sr. that the traditional barbershop experience could be shared among all, and where “Tailored Grooming is Performed Professionally and With Hospitality”.

Kino’s vision was to create a great EXPERIENCE, with CONVENIENCE, without removing the TRADITIONAL barbering traits. A Cut Above was created to live up to its name. Producing an enviroment that delivers professional tonsorial talents and an upscale ambiance without the lost of the TRADITIONAL feel of an OLD SCHOOL BARBERSHOP.

Kino’s vision created an atmosphere where the services are delivered PROFESSIONALLY to everyone no matter what. Where it is OK to come in and share your views, whether they are sports, political, cultural, or religion. An enviroment where everyone is comfortable and confident to be yourself. A Cut Above is just THAT, and a place where you can come to at the convenience of your schedule.

Today, 20 years later, A Cut Above has grown to multiple locations, a family oriented business guided by Professionalism, Respect, and Hospitality. It is our belief that everyone should be treated as a Very Important Client (VIP). Your time matters to A Cut Above, that’s why we vow to create a place where “Tailored Grooming is Performed Professionally and With Hospitality”.